A Salford nursery is putting together Christmas hampers to help families in need this weekend. 

Kidzrus, which has five nurseries across the city, have partnered with Salford’s Christmas Gift Appeal to help Salford families who need extra help over Christmas.

In addition to their regular Kidzrus Salford Family Foodbank food parcel deliveries, they will be offering food parcels from their Kidzrus Salford Family Foodbank on Saturday 19 December.

They will also offer toys for children on a first come first serve basis. No appointments or bookings will be required to collect anything.

The director of Kidzrus, Nicola Fleury, said: “We’ve seen a huge increase of demand since Covid; not so much from people who receive benefits and things, but from families where their circumstances have changed and they’ve lost their jobs or their hours have reduced.

“They’re waiting for long periods for universal credit payments and they’re in need now, so we’re supplying regular food parcels to local families, and it’s definitely not just nursery children or nursery families, it’s in the wider community.

“This is something we really promote – diversity. It’s a reflection of our nursery because it’s so diverse and there’s children from different backgrounds. It’s a really diverse group of children, staff and parents which is something we really embrace.”

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The Kidzrus Salford Family Foodbank have been functioning for two years since the company realised there was a need for food distribution in the the wider community.

Since the pandemic, the foodbank has grown massively since the start of the pandemic, and relies on fundraising and donations from the community to work.

Fleury added: “We have contributions from the nursery parents and the local community.

“A lot of the local community are contributing, but they’re also receiving, so for me, that’s the true spirit of Salford.”

Rhonda Morgan-Farrell, a parent from the nursery who donated, said: “We chose Kidzrus to donate as they do so very much for the community in Salford.

“This was a perfect way to share some love and kindness and to give something back to the community and the place I was born.

“I believe every child should have a gift, especially at Christmas time, and a smile with their family. As a family, we love to spread spread love.”

The toys Kate and Ronnie picked out for their donation. Image credit: Nicola Fleury.

Another parent who donated, Kate Rodgers, chose her toy donations with her child, Ronnie. She said: “What Nicola and her amazing team are doing to support local families in need is just fantastic!

“This year has had such an impact on everyone, and it really put a smile on mine and Ronnie’s faces to pick some toys for children who probably won’t receive that many this Christmas.

“They are making such a difference to the local community and to families who may not be able to get help from anywhere else.”

The foodbank has helped a number of local residents and been met with grateful responses from anonymous recipients.

With a lot of people needing extra help this winter, Kidzrus are doing their best to supply food for the community.

Fleury said: “We can’t guarantee that every family has a Christmas hamper and a Christmas lunch, but we’re just trying to reach out to as many families as we possibly can.

“We want as many children as we can to wake up and receive a present on Christmas morning and that’s what we’re aiming to provide. We can’t guarantee, but we’re trying to reach out to as many people as we can in the Salford community.”

To donate to their Christmas Gift Appeal, click here.

To donate toys or food for their Christmas Food Hampers, click here for more details.

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