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Eccles Shopping Centre is looking at future options for the main square and would like your input.

Locals have said that they feel that Eccles Shopping Centre should have less charity shops, a better market (like Bury market) and to create a food hall which is to be similar to Altrincham.

One user stated: “(I) Would like to see some quality shops there and at a reasonable price to rent they have always been a massive amount of rent that is why they are all empty, nobody can afford them so come on council do your bit.”

While another wrote said: “Would be a great reference Sale Town Centre plans, create a food hall similar to Altrincham/ Mackie Mayor, have more independent coffee shops, a decent florist, perhaps a monthly Makers Market etc… Would love to see more beauticians in Eccles Town centre and less in Monton to be honest.”

Others suggested that a new market, similar to that found in Bury, be held a couple times a month, providing an opportunity for residents to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and fish.

Some accuse the shopping centre of not moving with the ever-growing diversity of the town as well as charging exceedingly high rent, thus putting off businesses from setting up shop, as Paul Waters stated:

“The demographic in M30 is diversifying massively which, save for one or two great local businesses, the amenities to date have struggled to keep up with.”

Another user stressed that the centre should be focusing on its community, suggesting they should “open a dedicated café with outdoor seating as a community hub, discounts for OAPs and a play area for little kids.

Hold a monthly open-air market and encourage traders from out of the area, add themes throughout the year Easter, Christmas, harvest festival.”


However, some of the locals had different opinions on the matter.

One user wrote: “Personally I hate the Trafford Centre, and going to Manchester can be a chore but my local options are very limited.

“With average house prices in M30 allegedly going up at the greatest rate in the country, there is a burgeoning affluence in the area that the centre now has an opportunity to seize upon before someone else does.”

Whereas another stated: “The centre needs a complete re-vamp. No-one wants to go there.

I certainly don’t ring my mates and say let’s go for a coffee in Eccles centre, It’s depressing… not inviting, and I only live down the road.

But I’d rather nip to the Trafford or Urmston town centre, which is lovely to spend my money and meet mates.”

It was also suggested that instead of more shops, social hubs like bowling alleys or ice skating rinks should be installed to bring more people to the area, one disgruntled user wrote that:

“It’s a disgrace, just like Monk’s Hall Museum and the Crown bingo hall.”

The results from the following survey shows:

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  1. Mary Shelley.

    Yes, I’m an Eccles centre resident, it’s gone so awful, and not just because of the pandemic. Too many pubs, betting shops, and those bloody ugly pound shops are a disgrace. I can’t understand, if no one is occupying the units, how are they even remotely paying for themselves? Lower the rents and rates to attract new much needed diversity to the area. At least that way it’s a win win surely? It’s like a ghost town now.

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