Clarendon Park

Clarendon Park used to be an area where local children could play outdoors, but today stands abandoned and unsafe.

It is very sad to hear from residences their dissatisfaction about this huge park which potentially could play a key role as an outdoor space for local children and families, especially when it has an elementary school right next to it.

Clarendon Park
Clarendon play area

It is clear that Salford City Council should take care of the park, which is located only five minutes walking from the Salford Shopping Centre but apparently, Clarendon Park is not part of the regeneration works that are taking place in Salford during the last few years.

Clarendon Park hosts a basketball camp and a full play area for children but they are totally abandoned and there’s rubbish everywhere.

Clarendon Park


Clarendon Park


Also, it is evident that nobody is cleaning the park since a long time and it is absolutely dangerous for children.


Rose Robinson, a local resident who is living next to Clarendon park, said: “I moved in this area a couple years ago with my family and I thought that the Council was about to renew Clarendon Park.

“I would never let my two children to come here without my supervision, it is very unsafe (sic).

“I’m usually coming here just to walk my dog and if my husband is off from work I always ask him to come with me, especially during the evening.

“I’m not feeling comfortable at all and I hope that at least the park will get cleaned soon, for the safety of our children and our community”.

The council has been contacted to give a response about the state of the park.


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  1. Hi is there any kind of update on this?

    Isn’t the park being redeveloped as part of the Pendleton development? Some of original masterplans show the majority of the park being built on.

    This park definitely suffers from antisocial behaviour but it has tonnes of potential and would be a real loss to the community knowing how big it is and given it’s used regularly by a number of people.

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