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Saturday saw the latest of many recent huge protests for Palestine as protesters took it to the BBC in MediaCityUK in support of Palestine on Saturday.

The BBC has been criticised for their reporting of the Israel-Palestine crisis by protestors around the country and the world. So much so, that they have made a complaints page for it.

Throughout the previous protests calls of ‘BBC, shame on you!’ have been heard so the date was set to take it to the BBC. Banners with ‘Biased Broadcasting Corporation’ were displayed, with speakers urging the audience to keep putting pressure on the company.

The youth will carry the movement

The event was organised by the newly formed Manchester Youth for Palestine.

One of their group’s members said that they had noticed during the protests that they were made up of a lot of young people, from toddlers to young adults.

“These people inspired us and they wanted to increase their presence at the protests, as we feel that the youth hold a lot of power, energy and (we) are the next generation”.

It was supported by Manchester Palestine ActionManchester Jewish Action for PalestineManchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Greater Manchester Stop the War Coalition.


Scenes on the ground

Adie Mormech from Manchester Palestine Action gave a passionate speech saying

“This is ethnic cleansing, this is mass murder, this is destruction.

“When I was in Gaza during the bombing, I was actually interviewed by the BBC, I was there during the bombing of 2012 when they bombed for 8 days killing 170 people, 1000 injured.

“They bombed the football stadium, they bombed hospitals and clinics, they bombed schools, they bombed mosques. this is what I was seeing around me.

“This is where I was in the hospitals, this is where I saw the families in the tents. We sat there in trauma with so many of the parents and their parents grieve like our parents grieve. This is real trauma every day for those that have just lost loved ones”.

Some protestors climbed up onto the BBC building and flares the colours of the Palestinian flag were let off.

The protestors also held signs, banners, and Palestine flags, accompanied by a selection of other flags of muslim countries signalling solidarity such as flags of Algeria, the Berber, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, and Tunisia.

Photo credit: Edward Alvey

A month of protest

Oldham has had weekly protests outside arms manufacturer Elbit Systems, there have been demonstrations with speakers in Picadilly Gardens, Platt Field Park, and at colleges and universities around the City.

The demonstrations outside Elbit Systems in Oldham are set to continue on a weekly basis every Tuesday, with other events also planned for the near future.



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