When speaking about pole fitness, the typical response is along the lines of, ‘so, pole dancing then?’

That comment is quite narrow-minded but not so unsurprising. A 2017 national survey said that of people who partake in dance fitness, only 3% participate in pole fitness.

It isn’t a stretch to conclude from that, that the word hasn’t spread about the differences between the two.

In 2016, The International Pole Sports Federation defended children’s pole fitness classes when criticised for ‘sexualising youngsters’.

What’s the difference?

Of course, that relates to the misconception that pole fitness and pole dancing are the same things.

They are not.

Well, at least not presentation-wise.

Technically, pole fitness is a type of dancing or ‘dance fitness’ as music tends to soundtrack the performance of a routine. The difference is that pole fitness is a sport; the idea people have of pole dancing  – is not.

Both feature impressive displays of athleticism, although some may scoff at the idea that the latter is anything more than prancing sexily around a pole. Whilst failing to acknowledge the existence of the former as a separate entity.

Becky Kelly, who does pole fitness at Pole Sessions in Worsley, said: “People are too quick to judge.

“I think It’s empowering; it’s great that women can do that and be open with it.”

As far as its fitness benefits, she said: “It’s so good for everything like it works every part of you.

“It pushes your limits.”

In response to the notion of the sport being more than just ‘prancing around a pole”, she said: “Definitely. There’s such an art to it. There’s so much technique to it; it’s ridiculous.

“To get on a pole and made it look graceful is so impossible because it is so painful to do.”

Becky performing as part of pole fitness. Permission to use the image from Becky Kelly.
Becky performing as part of pole fitness. Credit: Becky Kelly

Try pole fitness

Becky also had some advice for anyone who may be interested in having a go: “100% try it.

“As soon as you go, you just fall in love with it.”

“Everyone supports each other so much.”

And in reply to those who are sceptics of the sport: “Try it. Just go to a class.

“The talent is just amazing.”

The whole interview with Becky is available to listen to below.

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