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One local business is getting seriously spooky this year as Jess Bakes Vegan releases her limited edition Halloween cupcake box.

Jessica Tonks, set up her business in June 2020 and is excited to reveal her seasonal treats, which contains cupcakes, cakes and a host of other sweet goods, to the Salford community.

Jessica said: “I did it last year and it went really well so I thought I’m gonna do it again.

“My favourite one is the little bat with little Oreo wings and googly eyes, so that little character obviously is quite popular and it’s nice to bring him back because it shows that he’s a limited edition and so then people will come back for him.”

Jess Bakes Vegan / 2021 Jessica Tonks

She added: “I did a pumpkin spice one as well and the sponge was flavoured pumpkin spice. That one’s really nice and autumnal. All my other Halloween things are like green and black and have got witches hats and Frankenstein and sprinkles that are Halloween themed so it ties in quite nicely.”

Jess revealed her excitement about the spooky season approaching, admitting her business thrived best during seasonal periods as this is when her customers flock to her most for occasion-based cakes.

She said: “There’s definitely peaks, people like to buy for an occasion so like birthdays, baby showers and weddings in the summer. But then things like Mother’s Day, Christmas and Halloween are like seasonal things throughout the year so I’d say Mother’s Day and Halloween are the biggest.”

Jess decided to set up her small business after receiving furlough from her fashion job at the start of the lockdown and felt it aided to help keep her busy and her mental health at bay.

Jess, who still works full-time alongside her vegan baking business, became a vegan in January 2020 and felt that her baking idea would fill a gap in the market over lockdown.

Jess Bakes Vegan / 2021 Jessica Tonks

She said: “I wanted to find some baked goods in lockdown and it was just really hard to get them.

“I just decided to learn how to do it myself! I did a bit of research and trial and error and then managed to start baking edible cupcakes!”


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She added: “I gave them out to people and they all said they were really nice, you should sell these.

“I then opened it up and got quite a good response and I was quite surprised and it sort of went on from there, pushing them, pushing the sales.”

Jess Bakes Vegan / 2021 Jessica Tonks

The baker, who supplies to The Green Deli Café in Salford, admitted she had tried some plant-based goods from her local competitors but was yet to find anything tastier.

Jess said: “You have to try the competition out and a lot of people say to me ‘I’ve tried normal cupcakes, vegan cupcakes and yours are like the best I’ve ever had and I’m like, what?’

“So you have to try it yourself to know don’t you.”

You can keep up to date with Jess and her tasty treats by following her on Instagram and Facebook.

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