Chair-based fitness

The Energise Healthy living centre based in the heart of Salford, are holding chair-based fitness groups to help keep all of Salford any age or ability happy and healthy. 

The Energise Centre is a community centre in which community and voluntary organisations deliver health and wellbeing services, including a GP surgery.

Suzy Schwenk, a community development worker at the energise centre told us a little bit more about what classes they are offering, she said: “We are a healthy living centre and we run groups for the community, things to sort of help people stay active, so physical activity and healthy eating, lots of general well-being activities.”

The centre has recently re-started their chair-based exercise classes after lockdown, here is what Suzy had to say about them, she said: “We run chair-based exercise classes, and we do this just so anybody of any level of fitness, can join in and do some exercise and hopefully have some fun as well”.

The classes have been received well throughout the community, lockdown did pose some challenges but classes were also offered via zoom so people could still socialise and stay healthy throughout lockdown.

“We are now working towards getting people back into the centre but after two classes so far it is going well.”

One member of the sessions commented on the classes saying: “It’s mainly for the social aspect, but also because it’s an exercise programme and at our age we need everything we can get.”

If you would like any more information of when the centre is open, click HERE to visit the website.

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