1st November marks World Vegan Day, a day to annually celebrate veganism around the world.

Veganism is becoming more popular, according to Chemist4u, over 25% of 18–23-year old’s now follow a plant-based diet.

The team at Salford Wildlife have instigated a ‘Go Vegan Challenge’ in support of World Vegan Day 2021. They are offering a 1-day, 4-day and 7-day challenge, challenging the community of Salford to go Vegan.

Credit: Salford Wildlife Facebook Group

A spokesperson at Salford Wildlife has said: “It has been well documented, over a long period of time, that the meat and dairy industry (Agriculture) are fueling the climate change crisis.”

Wildlife is massively affected, not only their innocent lives but also their habitats are being destroyed, “The wildlife is literally getting burnt alive.”

“The Vegan Diet is by far the Healthiest for Humans, though most Vegans do it to save the lives of Animals” said another spokesperson at Salford Wildlife.



There are many benefits to a Vegan diet, especially for your health. The Vegan Society says, some research has linked to a vegan diet reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, lowers the rate of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some type of cancers.

Salford Wildlife Team think that we can encourage the community of Salford to change their ways, with the help of health organisations, local governments, and education within schools in Salford.

We can do our bit by introducing a plant-based meal, drinking alternative milks, and keeping in mind the wellbeing of Salford’s wildlife.

Credit: Martin Kay, a member of Salford City Wildlife Group

“I think people in Salford, have to understand, that what happens here affects the planet as a whole, we are all interlinked.”

Katie Morgan, Salford Now

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