The people of Eccles are still not receiving their post after almost a month of complaints, with many driving to the sorting office itself to have any hope of collection.

It is understood that the problems have arisen due to the Royal Mail ‘not filling vacancies’ and ‘leaving staff stretched and overworked’, in their busiest period of the year.

This has meant that people have not only been deprived from access to some of their most important documents, but from the gifts that they so excitedly planned on giving to their loved ones over Christmas too.



Eccles Councillor Mike McMCusker said: “It’s been awful. Of course, I’ve been affected by it, but I’ve spoken to loads of different people and heard some terrible stories.

“One lady who I spoke to has elderly parents, her mum has dementia, she’s is in a care home and the council have sent out the invoice for the care, and they’ve not received it and so aren’t able to pay it.

“And then her father who’s 80-odd is getting worried about late payments. It’s causing distress.”

Royal Mail is currently unwilling to reveal exactly how many households have been affected by this, with their only current ‘solution’ being that people should collect their letters directly from the sorting office itself.

The Royal Mail’s ‘solution’ though, has caused further problems with locals being expected to travel significant distances, only to wait in queues of people in the same predicament.

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The video was taken by Abbie Carrington.

When asked to comment, one Royal Mail worker said:


The reaction on social media has not been favourable towards the Royal Mail, with people airing their frustrations on a variety of platforms.

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