Several new micro-businesses in Salford have seen huge success this year, despite the harsh climate for traders.

Coffee enthusiast Sam Seddon only opened her mobile coffee shop, Spice and Grind, in May after leaving her job to follow her passion.

She said: “Over Covid I found it really difficult being sat at a desk in my house. It kind of made me evaluate is this what I want out of life.

“I thought what is it I enjoy doing. I like coffee, I like food. So why not have a bit of a project.”


Sam runs her business out the back of a converted horse box. It is a project that she hopes will be an example for her three year old daughter, Harper, to follow her dreams.

“It’s something her.  For me to be able to say to her when she’s older ‘look you don’t have to be restrained by the nine to five you’re taught at university. And that to be successful you have to fit this mould, and you really don’t.”

Spice and Grind has now been based at the New Bailey in Salford for over ten weeks. And as a result of its success Sam now has a second trailer being prepared for another Salford location.

Burger Bros has been another success story for 2021. The mobile micro business, currently based twenty yards away from Spice and Grind, is the passion project of brother Sam and Tom Niell.

After forming the business in early 2020, the brothers have had to adapt to keep their dream alive.

Tom said: “We’ve had this business idea in our mind for years anyway, so we were going to take the plunge. It just so happened to be that when we did actually go ahead with it and everything went through, we went into lockdown.”



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The brothers found a footing in the festival circuit this summer and have gone from strength to strength since.

However, despite a successful year they hope for a much more stable 2022.

Tom said: “we just hope for a nice clear year next year. No covid, no restrictions.”

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