Are you looking for somewhere nice nice place to eat over the Christmas holidays?

Well you should look no further then Salford’s own The Black Friar.

This historic Salford pub has received recently received rave reviews from none other then famous food critic Jay Rayner.

Being synonymous with shows such as MasterChef, a review like this could really be a life changing opportunity for any business.

Before the Black Friar become the unique pub that it is today it lay derelict for over 15 years after being exposed to fire damage. 

Since it’s renovation it has now become ‘an ambitious pub in Greater Manchester which is evolving quickly.’   

According to Rayner the ‘This is serious cookery: both profoundly beautiful and profoundly eatable.’ and that he would be ‘I’d be rather chuffed if the Black Friar was my local.’ 

The pub is located on 41-43 Black friars Rd, opposite a dual carriageway and situated in between some new high-rise apartments.  

As a result, the Black Friar gives off the same ambiance as the ‘rackety family home from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’  

If you want to check out this beautifully homely restaurant it is £50 a head.  

You are sure to love it if you are wanting to treat yourself.



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