A fun crafting meet and make is coming to the King’s Arms Salford this week.

100% That Stitch! Meet and make: Sunday social, held by Girl Gang Manchester is being hosted live this month.

The group initially met up virtually over the pandemic, but since November the group has been holding live meet and make sessions too.

This time, the session is coming to Salford, on Sunday 16th January at 2pm.

Participants can bring their own craft projects to the group and share ideas with other participants.

The group is an opportunity to meet new people, have a chat, and get some crafting done.

Louise McIntyre from Girl Gang Manchester said: “We started (100% That Stitch) I think it was around March 2021 and the idea behind it was to kind of get people together in one of the darker periods of the year and to allow people to make connections with similarly minded people with similarly minded interests and the idea of kind of allocating a bit of time to yourself and to your creative crafting once a fortnight.

“When we were online it was once a fortnight for an hour and a half on a Monday evening. Like a lot of people, I struggle maybe to dedicate some time to projects that I want to work on.

“It really took off when we first launched, we’ve had up to 40 people attend (virtually).

“We’ve only had one face to face since November which was really good we had it at Feel Good Club and we sold out tickets for that. It does seem to get a good response.”

100% That Stitch Poster. Image provided by Louise McIntyre

The group is set up by Girl Gang Manchester who have previously organised other events in Salford such as Fiona Ledgard’s SAD Bootcamp.

The name of the group is inspired by the Lizzo song “Truth Hurts”.

During the virtual sessions held by Girl Gang Manchester, participants reacted positively to the crafting group.

Louise said: “I think it was nice for people to see new faces. We did kind of think would people want to come along to another online event after most of the socialising being online? But as I said it was quite a strong response and we got a good sort of regular crowd coming every week, every fortnight even.

“People started to make those bonds and connections.”

People who are interested in attending the in-person session can expect a friendly atmosphere with the possibility of making new friends.

Louise said: “The next one is going to be at the King’s Arms in Salford, we’ve got a really cosy snug area booked and we’ve increased the capacity based on the fact that we sold out tickets for the last one.

“It’s a really lovely little area and they’ve said that we can bring our own baking and things so it’s going to be a really nice atmosphere.

“We just encourage people to come along and not be fearful that they’re going to be on their own because everybody is kind of in the same boat and we don’t know what the future holds for the group, we might move online a little bit as well.

“We just want people to make new friends and dedicate a bit of time for something that they want to do that maybe gets pushed out with different things in their life.

“All crafts are welcome!”

Girl Gang Manchester welcomes people of all genders to join their group and asks that if you are interested in coming to the meet and make session that you take a lateral flow test before coming along.

You can find out more about the session here.

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