Parr Fold Park is due to undergo renovations that will increase its accessibility and contribute to local sports associations.

The park is aiming to reach the Green Flag standard for accessability after being granted over £303,000 by Salford City Council.

The park will use the funding to create the “access, infrastructure and open space improvements required to upgrade the park to Green Flag standard, the benchmark international standard for publicly accessible park.”

The park is also spearheading a “refurbishment of the sports facilities and in particular the Tennis Courts.”

The proposed works will:

  • Enable disabled access to all facilities within the park.
  • Establish Parr Fold Park as being the key hub for the development of Tennis within the city.
  • Complement the recent application to the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) for additional investment for the resurfacing of the six tennis courts and related works to the value of £71,700; and allow for development of a programme of training and coaching sessions in partnership with Salford Community Leisure and the LTA.

Parr Fold Park is also aiming to assist other parks in Salford where possible.

“In the event that all the proposed improvements are delivered under budget it is further proposed that any underspend […] is made available for investment at Peel Park.

“However, it is anticipated that due to the scale of the works required at Parr Fold Park to refurbish the tennis courts and bring the park up to Green Flag standard, the full sum of the open space allocation will be required at Parr Fold Park”

The park mentioned that they are considering climate change implications throughout the planning of the renovations. They are aiming to impact the climate as little as possible when construction begins.

The Green Flag Standard requires parks to, among other things, embody the following characteristics:

“A welcoming place […] that invites and draws people into it. This means creating a space which, through its visual appearance, range of facilities, standards of maintenance and ease of access, makes people feel that they are in a cared-for place.

“Ensure that the way the site is managed has a positive impact on the environment, locally and globally, both now and for the future.

“Attention should be paid to the appropriate management and conservation of natural features, wildlife and flora; landscape features; and buildings and structures.”

You can read the full council report here.



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