Salford Shopping Centre is to have its own artist in residence ahead of the 50th anniversary of the building.

Chelsea Entwistle, an artist who started painting Salford Precinct during lockdown, has been chosen to work in the mall to capture its golden year.

The artist told her social media followers: “I’m so excited I can finally tell people. Artist in residence. I can not wait for this.”

Precinct managers posted: “We love her work so much that we will soon be announcing a very special collaboration, with Chelsea, to celebrate our 50th Anniversary.”

A lot of Chelsea’s work is centred on the city of Salford, and isn’t just works inspired by the centre. One of her larger pieces ‘Salford, a gateway to South East Lancashire’ is also popular with people on Facebook.

Some of her other art takes influence from classic art and puts a Salford twist on it, including a piece positioning Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic Mona Lisa outside the shopping centre.

Salford Shopping Centre, officially opened in 1972 in Pendleton, has been an anchor for the Salford community for generations past and present.

Going by different names over the years, from “Salford Precinct” to “Salford Shopping City” – the site has been a fixture of the community through multiple large changes to the area.

Over the past half-century, Salford has undergone large social and economic change. Bringing media and influence to the area within the last 15 years alone.

As Salford has grown and developed, the centre also has grown alongside it. Becoming more

You can find Chelsea’s work on Facebook by searching “Chelsea.Art” and refining by ‘Pages’ or by searching ‘Chelsea.Art.Salford’ on Instagram

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