Jason Gilding, representing Victory Outreach Manchester church, will be running over 100 miles as a part of United We Can’s Run 4 Hope initiative.

Jason will begin his run on Thursday 20th October.

Jason explained: “Run 4 Hope is an initiative to raise money for a charity called United We Can.

“United We Can is a charity that goes into different cities across the world to set up churches that support those who are in need.

“They set up recovery homes for people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, support victims of domestic violence, support victims of prostitution and otherwise aid the local community.

“I love a good physical challenge, as such I’ll be running over 100 miles from Victory Outreach Birmingham to Victory Outreach London in under 36 hours.

“I’ve never ran that kind of distance before, I have ran for charity in the past but this feels like the next part of the journey… I’ve definitely upped the challenge for myself!”

Jason also shared his personal experience of how Victory Outreach churches, funded by United We Can, helped him out of addiction and homelessness:

Running is not the only way people can raise money for United We Can. People can do anything, from baking to skydiving, to raise money for the charity.

You can sponsor Jason’s run here. If you would like to get involved with Run 4 Hope or raising money for United We Can you can register yourself here.

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