In this series of reviews, Alfie Mulligan and Harry Warner will be delving into a world of cooked breakfasts and scrutinising Salford’s kaleidoscope of cafés and diners from Blackfriars to Boothstown, from Kersal to Cadishead all in the name of public service (and not for their enjoyment) to ultimately crown one of them Salford’s best full English.

Outside of Kings Cafe on Regent Street in Eccles – Photo by Alfie Mulligan

Today’s review takes us back to a familiar spot on the pursuit of the City’s best breakfast as we return to Eccles. And we would choose King’s café on Regent Street to fill our stomachs on a crisp winter morning.

The café couldn’t have been in a better location on a morning so cold, getting off the tram and crossing the road into the warm and welcoming embrace from the staff. The café had a traditional feel, which was positive, unlike others we have attended on this journey, With the menu posted above the counter on letter-style boards and a bookshelf in the corner of the café. With the breakfast cooked at the counter, the smell of a mouth-watering fry-up, was so inviting.

The interaction between staff and the customers showed a real sense of community spirit, as it seemed their loyalty to this humble café. It was nice to see the café continuing to provide a classic breakfast (that included a black pudding) with speed and efficiency. This idea of speed and service was pointed out by a poster on the wall, that requested customers stay longer than 25 minutes at their table after being served.

They are just proving how busy this café can get during rush hour.

@likwid_media Kings Café 2.5/5 – A classic and traditional cafe in Eccles, which was a lovely warm cafe with a lot of community spirit. However, some aspects of this greasy spoon were over the top. It was a very speedy service but it didn’t seem overly welcoming. And the eggs needed improvement. But it was nice to see black pudding on a traditional breakfast, just needs a fine-tuning but would come back for a second try. #Salford #Scran #breakfast #foodreview #salfordcity #fryup #english #englishbreakfast #england #xyzbca #manchester #review #foodie #food #king ♬ original sound – Likwid Media

Ordering a traditional breakfast and a glass of Coke, costing £5.90, King’s Cafe, has so far, been the most expensive breakfast ordered in the pursuit. The Full English breakfast included a healthy selection of three rashers of bacon, two eggs, two sausages, black pudding, beans, chopped tomatoes, and two slices of toast.

With that in mind, our expectations were high, and with the reappearance of black pudding on our breakfast expectations just continued to climb. To see a breakfast served in a matter of minutes, there was an excitement overload.

However, with this high expectation, it was met with disappointment. The rashers of bacon were very thick and overdone, and the chopped tomatoes and beans were too watery for our plates, taking some mopping from the toast.

The eggs could be considered the worst we’ve had so far on this journey, being too oily and weak for our liking, looking more like a mesh net on the plate.

The traditional breakfast at King’s Cafe – Photo by Alfie Mulligan

Although this could have been a one-off for the diner, it received countless positive reviews online, with people commenting, “Love the food at Kings Café Eccles it ticks all three boxes for me [Quality][Quantity][Price].”

Luckily, the plate was saved through the standard of the sausages, which were the best we have had so far—getting away from the typical chippy-style sausages, being full of flavour and quality. The plate was helped significantly through the black pudding that added to the traditional standard.

Overall, we would recommend this café as it is just outside the tram stop, with welcoming staff that was attentive to customers’ needs and served with a smile. And although it was not the best breakfast had so far, the community in the cafe shows that it has something special.

I would certainly come again to retry the breakfast.

But sadly on the day, it did not meet the expectations that we had set, leaving more disappointment than full and for that reason, King’s Café received a 2.5/5 from Salfords’ most notorious Breakfast reviewers.

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