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In this series of reviews, Alfie Mulligan and Harry Warner will be delving into a world of cooked breakfasts and scrutinising Salford’s kaleidoscope of cafés and diners. From Blackfriars to Boothstown, Kersal to Cadishead, in the name of public service (and not for their enjoyment) they will ultimately crown one of them Salford’s best full English.

Today’s review comes straight from unchartered territory for our intrepid full English-explorers at the Tatton in Ordsall.

Formerly known as the Ordsall Community Café, this establishment is a true Pandora’s box of culinary delights and community driven spirit. A refuge in a spaghetti heap of motorways, main roads and building sites, it is an oasis for the community providing meals on wheels, a food club service and second-hand books.

@likwid_media The Tatton 🍳🥓 – On our latest Salford breakfast review we’re in Ordsall at The Tatton, formerly known as the Ordsall Community Café. A true community outpost the café offers wonderfully made cut-price meals as well as offers discounted ingredients, second hand books and meals on wheels. The breakfast we got was cooked perfectly and the ingredients were top tier. It’s hard to explain how good that bacon tasted (Read the full review on Salford Now to find out more). Featuring at least one of everything it’s difficult to fault and alongside all its community work this establishment deserves its 4.7/5 from Salford’s most notorious breakfast reviewers. #breakfast #salford #food #fullenglishbreakfast #tasty #foodreview #ordsall #thesmiths #britrock #punk #britpop #beans #sausage #bacon #egg #scran #cookedbreakfast #foodie #foodtiktok #manchester #breakfasts #mufc #delicious #lads #xyzbca #abcxyz #foryoupage #fyp #fypシ #new ♬ original sound – Likwid Media

Sat quietly on the corner of Tatton Street, the gym upstairs that crowns it gives away the café’s location to the world with banging music and thumping footsteps from inside.

100-yards to its left sits the Salford Lads Club, home to that infamous photo of The Smiths.

Inside the café has a simple yet welcoming design. Wooden tables and chairs permit its diners the informality of a park bench picnic with the meals of a sit-down restaurant while the walls are adorned with artisanal style signage that brings a slither of fanciness to the interior.

Thanks to being situated on a street corner, large windows on two sides gives a sweeping panoramic view out into the sights of Salford (currently mostly building sites).

Image by Harry Warner
The Tatton on the street corner. Image by Harry Warner

The menu itself has great variety but more importantly is reasonable, avoiding the rabbit hole of endless choices that would leave even the most self-confident food connoisseur in doubtful delirium, such as that of Rosie’s Café.

At The Tatton, the menu is still a tussle for the taste buds, but mostly drawing from similar cuisine and ingredients, it is a lot more digestible. Obviously, we went straight in for the big breakfast: Two sausages, two bacon, black pudding, egg, hash brown, mushrooms, beans, toast and tomatoes, all washed down with a cup of tea.

Everything for £5.50, this is the first review where every ingredient has featured. Big marks.

Image by Harry Warner.
Salford Lads Club sits down the road of The Tatton. Image by Harry Warner

As we ordered our food, the café seemed to spring to life with the door becoming a seven-foot wooden pendulum thanks to the number of people walking in and out. Between the chatter inside and the thumping from the gym upstairs the café felt more like Market Street than Tatton Street with it clearly being a popular haunt amongst locals.

The breakfast arrived like a Picasso painting on a white plain plate canvass, circles of black, triangles of gold and rashers of pink made for a true masterpiece that was pretty to look at, but even better to eat.

The sausages were proper, the mushrooms tender and flavourful, the egg yolk a sea of runny yellow goodness and the bacon, wow the bacon was incredible. The only way it can be described is like frazzle bacon-flavoured crisps. Smoky and meaty as normal at first then the frazzle flavour hits. Whether this flavour is artificial or not it means little to me, it was truly an unexpected delight made tastier by its sudden surprise.

Before long the plate was being moped up by a sacrificial slice of buttered toast and our hunger for Salford’s best breakfast was temporarily quenched.

The feat was even more impressive when it is noted that the entire café was being manned by one woman, who warmly greeted all who entered while also cooking and serving them plates of food.

When everything about The Tatton is considered, its wonderful food, friendly one person workforce, pleasing interior and community activity it is difficult to find a fault with it. When things get this good the criticism can only be as superficial as potentially the ceiling could be lower.

Nothing in life is perfect, but this café wanders around its borders teasing it by ticking all the right boxes, however when everything is said and done a 4.7/5 is a fair score and our highest yet of this series.

Of course the search will continue, but to beat The Tatton, all the stops will have to be well and truly pulled out.

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