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In this series of reviews, Alfie Mulligan and Harry Warner will be delving into a world of cooked breakfasts and scrutinising Salford’s kaleidoscope of cafés and diners. From Blackfriars to Boothstown, Kersal to Cadishead, in the name of public service (and not for their enjoyment) they will ultimately crown one of them Salford’s best full English.

Today review takes us to Kersal where we found a wonderful little diner called Yum Yum’s. Found on Littleton Road, the diner stands out with its signage that draws you in from the bus stop outside.

Entering the diner, we were met with a wide variety of smells with lots of choice on the menu hanging above a deli bar.

With a lot of choice on the menu, we ended up ordering The Big Salford for £6, which included three rashers of bacon, two sausages, two eggs, hashbrowns, mushrooms, chopped tomatoes, beans and a cup of tea included. Whilst we awaited our full English, we took our seats in the next room.

The décor was lovely, with big comfy booths that enable you to relax whilst you meal was being cooked.

Breakfast at Yum Yum’s – via Alfie Mulligan

It was definitely the best interior so far on the breakfast crusade, with a very modern feel to the diner that was separated by a door.

And the service matched the décor with the staff being very friendly and welcoming, seemingly having a good relationship with every customer that entered the diner.

Sunk into our chairs, the breakfast arrived.

The bacon was cooked to perfection, being very thick and crispy making a nice change from the typical café style.

The eggs hit the mark, with the yolk bursting as the runny yellow goodness poured onto the plate.

The sausages however let down the wonderful combination of ingredients being a chip-shop quality, but coming from a diner that also transforms into a fish and chip shop they did go down a treat.

Another positive was the beans and chopped tomatoes being kept at either side of the plate it certainly stopped the meal from being soggy, which would have brought down the quality.

And being mopped up by the lovely buttered slices of toast, it allowed for the breakfast to be polished off.

It did feel as though the meal was missing something, and that was black pudding despite being on the menu, which cost it some minus points.

Especially costing £6, we both believed that it should have been on the plate, and we would’ve certainly done a swap deal for the hashbrown that added no value.

But being washed down by a cup of tea and good conversation it was a lovely start to the morning.

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There is no surprise that this diner has a google rating of 4.5 stars, with a good combination of good customer service and a hearty traditional meal.

Overall, for a cost of £6 it was definitely an enjoyable experience that is worth the trip down the Littleton Road, and leaving with wide smiles on our faces we will back to try the variety of options on the menu.

The diner was good enough to earn a respectable 3/5 – with the whole experience being recorded on Tiktok.

More information about the previous cafe’s visited can be found down below on the map.

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