A 15-year-old girl from Salford has won Gold in the World Powerlifting Championships after only starting the sport 10 months ago.

Tiffany Pilnikova, 15, came first in all powerlifting disciplines, Squat, Bench, and Deadlift, in the Sub Junior and Junior Powerlifting World Championships in Romania in late August.

After only starting the sport at the start of this year, the Ex-British Gymnast and Olympic Weightlifter has gone from training in Eccles’ Barton Athletic Club, to competing nationally and across the world.

Reflecting on her win, Tiffany said: “The whole competition was really good I loved it. It didn’t feel real when I won, but most of all I couldn’t believe I was in a World Championships already. I was just overwhelmed when I won.”

Tiffany’s Mum, Lenka Pilnikova, 39, encouraged her daughter to get involved with powerlifting, after she was interested in trying out a new sport.

As a two-time British champion powerlifter, runner-up at the Commonwealth championships, a European Karate Champion, and single parent of two, Lenka expressed how she felt with Tiffany’s win. She said: “I’m incredibly proud of Tiffany’s achievements.”

Tiffany continued: “My mum was crying at the end of the competition. But, in another five years time, I want to have my own records and beat my mum.”

Lenka and Tiffany. Image credit: Lenka Pilnikova

The pair expressed how grateful they were to Eccles’ Barton Athletic Club for their ongoing support and funding. Lenka said: “We are so appreciative for the club we are training in and for the great and supportive people we are surrounded by in this club.

“Without their help it wouldn’t be possible for us to compete internationally. So thank you from all our hearts for your generosity and continuous support.”

In three weeks, Tiffany is set to compete in the European Championships in Budapest, Hungary.


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