A Salford artist is hiding original pieces of artwork around Salford for people to find and keep.  

Chelsea Entwistle, Salford Precinct’s first ever artist in residence, first started hiding her work a few weeks prior as she was inspired by an American page on Facebook called ‘Abandoned Art.’ 

Entwistle liked the idea of children getting involved looking for the artwork and having people who may not be able to afford to purchase an original piece of artwork, to go out and try to find it. 

permission granted to use
The upcoming piece that will be involved in the treasure hunt. Permission granted from Chelsea Entwistle

During lockdown, Chelsea was encouraged to post some of the artwork she had created at the time to an online public platform. 

After the positive response towards Entwistle’s artwork, the artist continued painting and showing off her work. 

Over the last year, Entwistle was announced as Salford shopping centre’s first artist in residence and has now created Salford’s 2024 calendar with the Ceremonial Mayor.  

LS Lowry served as a major source of inspiration for Chelsea Entwistle. Entwistle seeks to become as iconic as the late Salfordian artist, utilising the uniqueness of being a female artist to further her career in a male dominant industry. 

permission granted from artist Chelsea Entwistle to use
The Salford’s 2024 Calendar, permission to use from Chelsea Entwistle

Entwistle creates pieces based off her love for the City as she said: “I love Salford, I love the history of our city.” 

Entwistle also paints anything and everything, from dollar bills to flower arrangements as her beliefs are that art should be fun and not just landscape scenery. This can be seen in many examples of the Entwistle’s work. 

“One of my favourite and the one I’m most proud of, is my Mona Lisa, with Salford Precinct as the background.” 

Mona Lisa art from Chelsea Entwistle art, permission to use from Chelsea Entwistle
Mona Lisa art from Chelsea Entwistle art, permission to use from Chelsea Entwistle

Entwistle creates clues for the audience to find the artwork, her previous artwork has been found at places such as the Dock Office and Salford Lads Club on Salford Quays. 

When inquiring about the next art piece that Chelsea would be hiding, she stated that it will be put “where the market used to be” later today. 

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