Elderly people, who might be feeling lonely around the time of Christmas, are being invited to a celebration event at Salford City Academy.

Salford City Academy, a comprehensive high school in Eccles, has arranged the festive event to prevent loneliness within the community of over 60’s.

The celebration will be taking place on Wednesday December 13 at 2pm and will include a free 3-course meal for each person who attends, as well as drinks and other Christmas festivities.

Amid the cost of living crisis, this opportunity gives vulnerable people who may be struggling the chance to come together as part of a group and enjoy Christmas without having to worry.

In order to book your place at this event, call, 0161 789 5359.

Salford City Academy started holing the OAP event this time last year with the aim to do more for the people around them. Sarah Johnson, the transitions lead at the school, spoke to us and told us more about the Christmas celebration.

“We just want to start doing a lot more for our local community, not just for our children but for everyone,” Sarah said.

The event went tremendously well last year so the school pulled together and decided to host it again.

Sarah began to tell us more about the event itself: “We’ve contacted all the local old people’s homes and I’m doing door drops tomorrow.

“There are 100 places on offer, it is all free of charge, 3 course meal is given as well as a a gift for everyone, our own student choir performs and we even have Monson Voices coming too.

“We go so much good feedback last year. Cost of living has gone up and there is a lot of people in the area who are on their own. Its nice for them to meet other people and enjoy the proper Christmas experience. I just think it is really beneficial for the community.”

The event is beneficial for the locals who attend the event however it also has benefits for the school children too.

Sarah added: “Our choir performs which is great experience for them. We also have our catering students who have picked catering as a GCSE, so it’s good practice for them too. We have students doing the meet and great, so its all really good for the confidence of the students.

“It’ll be a really nice afternoon”


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