Photographs by young people from Little Hulton are part of an award-winning exhibition called Is Anybody Listening?, by Craig Easton.

An engagement programme, Our Time, Our Place, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, aims to inspire and support young photographers from local communities.

One of its strands in Salford is for young people from Little Hulton.

The photographs presented at the exhibition were made by a group of young people with a photographer Gwen Riley Jones, commissioned by the University of Salford Art Collection, and  youth worker Rob Fulton.

Our Time, Our Place. Credit: Regina Shatalova

Their project aims to start a discussion among young people about current local issues and their history. The group drew inspiration within their local area. They went on long photography walks and looked at the exhibition they are now a part of.

Before their presentation at the university, their works and stories were displayed at the Family HUB at Little Hulton, where the group met for this project.

“This experience has made us appreciate the small things. Like the smaller little areas – the park and the little forest bit that I would never have gone to before,” said the young people in their introduction and reflection on their work.

“It’s helped us to see the hidden beauty of things. A simple forest can be home to so many different situations, or a pathway can hold so many different people and all their different stories.”

Exhibition worker Dawn Lawler said: “It is quite a disadvantaged area here in Salford. The young people picked up a camera and were able to engage in ways I don’t think is always possible, inspiring them.

“They have disadvantaged backgrounds, and sometimes they feel not included. Doing even a little bit and being a part of the big exhibition elevated that.”

Is Anybody Listening: Our Time, Our Place will be open to visit until December 22 in the New Adelphi Exhibition Gallery.

If you want to learn more, please click here.

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