In this series of reviews, Alfie Mulligan and Harry Warner will be delving into a world of cooked breakfasts and scrutinising Salford’s kaleidoscope of cafés and diners. From Blackfriars to Boothstown, Kersal to Cadishead, in the name of public service (and not for their own enjoyment) they will ultimately crown one of them Salford’s best full English.

On a cold Thursday morning, we went out on the search for another breakfast in the hope of it warming us up and lifting our moods.

Along the Metrolink line of Eccles to Ashton-under-Lyne, we visited a discreet but special, Blueberries.

Blueberries Cafe – via Alfie Mulligan

With very little signage outside of the building you could easily miss this little cafe.

As we walked into the cafe we were met with a queue full of hungry customers waiting for their takeaway breakfasts, but after eventually getting through the queue we were greeted with a warm welcome.

Ordering the mouth-watering large breakfast that included two sausages, two slice of bacon, a crispy hashbrown, eggs, a handful of mushrooms, two slices of toast and a pot of beans.

With all of that on offer for a healthy price of £5.50, it was hard to complain about the absence of chopped tomatoes and black pudding typically expected on a full English.

But with a warm cup of tea included in the meal, it served as a nice little addition to the already wonderful smelling breakfast.

And with my friend also ordering a sausage and bacon sandwich for £3.50, it really showed how value for money the breakfast had.

As we settled into our seats, we noticed that the cafe itself was very bare, seeming to focus more so on the delivery of good meals rather than the decor.

With the door constantly swinging, the cafe appeared to be more of a pitstop destination, with many people coming in on their way to work.

And with our chairs screeching along the floor we made ourselves comfy, before the breakfast arrived with a welcoming smile.

With the large breakfast laid out in front of us, I quickly noticed it wasn’t of a similar size to the typical large breakfasts that we have tried, but was still filling nonetheless.

The sausages were typical to what would be expected to a cafe, meaty but certainly not the best kind of sausage that could be found.

The bacon itself was a very enjoyable part of the meal, being cooked perfectly staying warm hiding below the chopped mushrooms.

The eggs themselves were delightful, with the runny yolk soaking into the buttered toast, being the perfect combination on the early winter morning.

Blueberries Cafe – via Alfie Mulligan

Another positive note was the steaming hot beans, that happily sat above the rest of the meal in a little pot, not having a chance of spilling and soaking the other breakfast items.

Overall, it was a very warm and hearty breakfast that served as a wonderful treat along the tramline.

With the cheap and cheerful prices, I definitely understand the consistent passing trade, and if you are heading into Manchester Blueberries is a perfect stopping point to set you up for the day.

Overall rating – 3.25/5

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