Celebrity food critic Jay Rayner has praised a Salford Hong Kong-style cafe for its “outrageous” and otherwise “profoundly comforting” food. 

Rayner mentioned Salford’s hidden gem Sakura on St Stephen Street in this year’s review of his culinary highs and lows.

When describing his culinary highlights, Rayner mentioned the cafe’s dishes, notably the “brow-wrinkling” mapo tofu and spicy instant noodles. The “outrageous barm cake” also captured his attention which was “slathered in butter and condensed milk.”

The esteemed critic described the “tiny” cafe as a “true taste of home” for Manchester Chinese students in his initial review.

For £10 Rayner ordered the “rich and profoundly comforting” beef brisket and beef tendon curry.

Rayner wrote: “The brisket is falling apart into the depths of a sauce which has clearly been the product of hours of slow reduction.

“Then there is the tendon. There’s a pronounced Asian interest in slippery foods, which some people find challenging. Personally, I love the textural joys of slow-cooked, wobbly tendon.

“If it’s not for you, order instead what they call the roast chicken with homemade sauce; in reality, big nuggets of the best fried chicken spritzed with chilli oil, on a bed of rice straight out of the rice cooker.”

Since Rayner’s raving review, Sakura has been asked for comment, however, they have yet to respond.

Sakura is on St Stephen St, Salford M3 6AX.


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