Fool Me Once

A wedding dress worn by Michelle Keegan in hit Netflix crime drama Fool Me Once was supplied by an Eccles bridal shop.

The Confetti Box on Church Street is owned by Maria Kelly who said it’s been a “really exciting” time following the buzz around the white lace gown. 

After being briefed by producers on what Keegan wanted, it was her two daughters who now run the shop who suggested the show use their famous Althea gown by designer Maggie Sottero.

Maria said: “They didn’t like how plunging the neckline was at the front, so my daughter Emma suggested how to redesign it providing them with the extra lace to cover the bodice.

 “At the time, we didn’t know what star it was, so she just gave us a shape and a size. It was a sale gown that was discontinued and they took it away and made it bespoke.”

Maria, who initially opened The Confetti Box Bridal Centre in 1988 which she, her husband and daughters lived above, said the reaction to the dress had been “overwhelming”.

When the show hit our screens two weeks ago, the shop’s social media “blew up”.

“Everybody wants to speak to us from around the world. I had someone from Florida and someone from Spain enquiring about this dress. As it’s discontinued and bespoke, it’s kind of a one off, so people are coming in to try on dresses similar knowing that we can actually do the work to make it look similar.”

Several Salford locations were used in the filming of Fool Me Once which has topped the Netflix viewing charts in 60 countries and stars Manchester’s Keegan, along with Joanna Lumley and Richard Armitage.

Drawn from the book of the same name by Harlan Coben, the drama centres on Keegan’s character, Maya. The limited series is set in a fictional UK town named Winhurst, despite the fact that the book is set in New Jersey.

The iconic Salford Lads Club appeared in the dance hall sequences while MediaCityUK’s Dock10 studios were used as the location for the Winhurst General Hospital in the series.

One place in particular being a prominent feature in the show was Monton Sports Club which was renamed Winhurst Sports Club. 



Monton Sports Club pictured as Winhurst Sports Club. Via Netflix


Monton Sports Club’s scenic grounds serve as an ideal backdrop for the series, building on the success of its previous role in another Harlan Coben series, The Stranger.

Joshua Lenihan, the club’s general manager, said:  “It’s an honour for Monton Sports Club to be part of Fool Me Once. The community’s support has been tremendous, and seeing our club on Netflix’s global platform again is truly rewarding.”

As social media buzzes with positive reviews, Monton Sports Club’s online presence continues to soar. Josh expressed his “gratitude” to Netflix for choosing the club again, highlighting the “positive impact” on both the club and the broader community.


Michelle Keegan. who stars in Fool Me Once
Michelle Keegan pictured in the Althea gown. Images via Maria, owner of The Confetti Box.


Maria Kelly said it was not the first time The Confetti Box had featured on screen.

She said: “We have been filmed by Coronation Street with two different story lines. The producer even asked if I would like a walk on part with my dog!”

She has fought through two recessions, a pandemic and is still going strong.

“We’ve just gone from strength to strength really. I believe it’s because we have a passion and a love for what we do. There’s no stresses that really come with it. If you love what you do, you can’t fake that.” 

Fool Me Once was produced by Quay Street Productions, of Manchester.










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