On Wednesday February 14, there will be an open discussion held at the Working-Class Movement Library surrounding Palestine. 

Salford Marxist are a Salford branch of Socialist IMT members. The group frequently organise meetings and campaigns surrounding current socio-economic issues. 

They recently set up their branch last June. 

The group state: “The Salford Communists are hosting an open meeting to discuss how the liberation of Palestine can be achieved and to organise the revolutionary youth.’’ 

Photo taken from @Salfordmarxists Instagram



They are a part of The Communist, a new party who quote: “The International Marxist Tendency is fighting for a communist programme to overthrow capitalism in Britain and internationally.’’ 

Josh, an advocate for Salford Marxism said: “There is nothing being done. The solution to this is to find the source to this crisis which is capitalism.

“There is a lot of frustration. Appeals to Parliament are falling on deaf ears.

“Our enemy is at home. We need to do our part as whole.. We call for mass action, be it strikes, blockades or workers council to halt the export of arms and stop the war machine.”

He spoke on the meeting aims saying they are: “raising revolutionary solutions for the Palestine Solidarity movement to stop bloodshed and to recruit those who are radicalised by the event.

£We encourage anyone sickened by the crisis In Israel and Palestine to come, and share ideas. People do want an end.’’ 

A timeline that show the conflict between Palestine – Israel conflict.

Picture taken from Google Maps

The address of the open discussion is Working Class movement Library, M5 4WX. 


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