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The new feminist production ‘Showwomen’ by Carnesky Production is coming to The Lowry this spring. 

The show, from Olivier award-winning performance maker Marisa Carnesk, will feature at The Lowry on March 16.

The show is based on Marisa Carnesky’s research as a fellow at The National Fairground and Circus Archive in the University of Sheffield.

Marisa was inspired by the “extraordinary” stories of 1930’s pioneer clown Lulu Adams, 1940’s body magic star Koringa, 1950s sharpshooter Florence Shufflebottom and 1880’s teeth hanging aerialist superstar Miss La La.

Marisa aimed to explore the lesser-known stories of extraordinary women in variety performance from a century ago and beyond.

Image credit: Sarah Hickson

Showwomen compares them to the lived experiences of exceptional performers today. The production also asks why and how women perform dangerous and taboo acts and explores the legacy of forgotten and marginalised diverse British entertainers.

Viewers can expect “witchy collective going-ons in full leopard print, crocodile women scaling walls, ladders of swords, live hair hanging, never ending pom poms and ectoplasmic clowns.”

Marisa is joined by modern day Showwomen Fancy Chance, Lucifire and Livia Kojo Alour.

Doctor Marisa Carnesky is an Olivier Award-winning performer, showwoman, academic and theatre maker. She won the Olivier for her celebrated Ghost Train, which ran in London & Manchester then Blackpool for over a decade.

For tickets and more information click here.


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