Salford raise council tax

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Council tax in Salford is set to rise by almost 5 per cent, with 2 per cent of this increase going towards adult social care services.

The tax increase is set to cover increasing costs as Salford council is required to find £6m to bridge its funding gap for 23/24.

Councils in the UK are allowed to raise council tax by up to 4.99 per cent without triggering a referendum.

Mayor Paul Dennett painted a grim picture of the council’s finances suggesting it could face a further £36 million in cuts over the next two years, making the maximum rise necessary.

Salford raise council tax
Salford mayor Paul Dennett

Despite this he did add he was “really pleased” with the council’s commitment to extra funding in the adult and social care sector which is set to increase by a net £11.9 million per year.

The mayor also added that the council would continue its commitment to pay all care workers the real living wage as well as an increase in fees for foster carers saying: “these families provide safety and care to our most vulnerable children when they most need it.”

The Conservative opposition is set to oppose the council tax increase but support the retention of the 2 per cent adult social care precept.

Councillor Arnie Saunders, who represents Kersal and Broughton Park, also proposed a reduction in the size of the council’s communications team which could save the council £309,000.

Salford raise council tax
Conservative CouncillorArnie Saunders

The Conservatives also suggested a reduction in the cost of living crisis fund as well removing the £25,000 in support to the Working Class Movement Library.

The increase will mean people living in Band D properties in Salford will be paying an extra £110.65 a year while people in band C properties will be paying an extra £98.40 per year.

The full council meeting where the budget will be voted on takes place at the Civic centre on Tuesday March 5 at 9:30am.


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