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Jason Manford, who is originally from Salford, has been revealed as the new ‘headteacher’ on the BBC show, Waterloo Road.

He’ll be joining the show as it heads into its 14th series following a relaunch off the back of the show’s streaming success during lockdown.

Manford will play headteacher Steve Savage, who has a significant influence on the school’s staff and students – leaving many asking what will happen to the current headteacher, Kim Campbell played by Angela Griffin.

Waterloo Road star Angela Griffin addresses huge change in new series, given in press release.
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The Salford-born comedian and Salford University graduate said: “What an absolute treat it is to join the cast and crew of Waterloo Road, right here in my home city of Manchester.

“My kids and I binged the show on iPlayer during lockdown. It’s such a brilliant, iconic show, so I’m dead proud to now be part of its history.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher and now becoming a headteacher, I know I would have been terrible!”

Cameron Roach, executive producer of Waterloo Road, said: “We’re thrilled that Jason Manford is joining Waterloo Road, as the show returns for a fourth series since returning to BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

“Jason is a phenomenal comic actor, and has fully embraced the tone and spirit of the show, we can’t wait for the audience to meet Steve Savage and his son Billy.”

Series 14 of Waterloo Road will air later this year on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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