A group of volunteers at Eccles Town Hall recently hosted an open day to raise awareness of the town hall’s history and purpose within the community.

The event was organised by trustee Pamela Hughes who since lockdown has seen a “slow uptake” in volunteers at the town hall.

Trustee Pamela Hughes explained: “Since COVID people have not been coming out (to events), many people in Eccles have never been to the town hall and seen the facilities that we have.

“So we decided to have an open cafe with a little more entertainment than normal.”

The event’s entertainment featured live music brought by local band Dawn Petrol, talks on the history of the town hall and piano performances from local resident, Dennis.

The event was hosted by ECHO (Eccles Community Hall Organisation) on March 23 in the town hall.

It was a chance for the public to get together and learn about the community in Eccles.

At ECHO, all workers are volunteers who are aiming to bring the community of Eccles together.

Eileen Guppy, another volunteer, said: “We could do with more volunteers for are events.”

Since 2013, the team at the town hall have hosted a range of varying events in which they have reached out to many different groups and communities across Eccles.

Photo of Dawn Police taken by Ben Long

Hughes said: “We are trying to branch out and reach a wider demographic.”

The group are hoping to receive more funding to make repairs.

They hope to be able to branch out with the types of events they can host.

Hughes added: “Our biggest difficulty is publicity.

“(However) gradually people are coming forward and saying what we are doing is good.”

Fellow volunteer, Jim Rayner praised Echo, saying: “It brought something back to the town that the town had lost.

“It isn’t about making money, it is about getting people talking to each other.”

Their main aim is bringing the community together.

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