A family-run ice cream shop Hudson’s Desserts has opened in Monton.

The shop on Monton Road has injected a new lease of life into the surrounding area and promises to satisfy residents’ sweet tooth.

The menu contains items such as ice cream as well as waffles and has so far been rated highly by its visitors.

The shop is co-owned by mother and daughter Paige and Wendy Crowther and is named after Paige’s son Hudson (pictured above).

Paige explained how it came to be.

She said: “After I lost my son in August 2022, I was at a loss so my mum decided it was time to switch up our lives and do something we both love.

“So we set our sights on opening an ice cream shop more seriously towards the end of 2023 and it all kind of came together.”

Paige said: “We love working as a family and keeping that going. Currently in the shop it’s me, my mum, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It keeps the shop feeling like a community and the values that we love.”

Anthony Mills – Facebook

Many customers have expressed their excitement on social media.

One user commented: “I hope this business is a huge success. (I want) the same for all local businesses.”

Another commented: “We’ve been in here today, it’s a lovely little family run business, the ice cream is delicious. Wishing them lots of luck.”

So far the shop’s best selling products have been waffles, cookies and ice cream with hot chocolate sauce.

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