19-year-old stabbing

A 19-year-old man has been jailed for over two years after he stabbed someone at an ATM outside Salford Shopping Centre.

Ellis Taylor, from Wythenshawe, had initially been charged with attempted murder but instead plead guilty to a ‘Section 18’ charge of wounding with intent.

The incident happened on January 25 2022, on Hankinson Way in Pendleton, when a man was out with his friends and there was an altercation between his group and a male passing by.

19-year-old stabbing
Image: George Icke

Taylor threatened to hit one of the female members of the group with the victim then intervening and being attacked by Taylor.

He stabbed the victim with a small knife purchased from Wilko the previous day.

Ellis Taylor was sentenced at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court, by Her Honour Judge Baxter, where she told him he would spend two years and 10 months in custody.

Detective Constable Amy Yates from Salford CID said: “This case has caused the victim a serious injury and a large amount of trauma from a shocking and cowardly attack.

“After the attack CCTV footage by the entrance to the Salford Shopping Centre showed Taylor jumping up and down and appearing to laugh.

“Under police interview Taylor confirmed he had been involved in the altercation but claimed he had acted in self-defence and claimed he had forgotten the knife in his hand when he struck out at one of the group he thought was going to attack him. Our investigation was able to prove that this was not the case.

“Our investigation team has worked hard to bring this offender to justice and I hope today’s sentence can go some way towards providing relief to the victim.” 

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