Salford is the best spot in the UK for the number of high quality salons within the city, according to a new study. 

A recent study by Currys determined that Salford is the best beauty spot based on its offering of hair, nail and massage locations listed on Treatwell compared to the population of the area.

The study uncovered the average rating of the services to crown Salford as the best place to live if you are a “beauty buff”.

The Top 10 UK locations for beauty and wellness

The research also analysed the catering to diversity from these locations too. Out of 35 cities looked at, only 20 have establishments which offered afro hair services.

The study looked at how many salons on Treatwell were offering afro hair services in each city and then worked out the number of potential clients served based on ONS ethnic group data in the same areas. This was used in conjunction with the average rating to find the best locations in the UK for those with afro hair.

Salford came in fourth when it comes to the amount of afro hair services in the city.

Oldham came in at number one overall with the best average rating for afro hair services in the area, and the fifth best offering of establishments to ethnic group population.

To view the full study, click here.

Featured image credit: Sizzers, Flickr

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