A SALFORD pub has been saved from demolition by a Norwegian Manchester United fan whose actions prevented a struggling business from falling into the hands of a property developer.

The ‘B’ Hive, located on Holland Street, was set to become the victim of gentrification after landlady, Fran found the venue increasingly difficult to manage.

Image Credit: Abigail Greatrex

The gastropub was placed on the market and Fran was forced to accept a bid from a property developer.

Norwegian-born Ronnie, who had been staying in the pub’s bed & breakfast while visiting the area, expressed his interest in staying there again next time he was in England.

Upon hearing the news regarding the property developer, landlord Dave said: “Ronnie sat there for five minutes and asked ‘If I buy this pub, will you two run it for me?’

“We agreed and the next thing he said was ‘I’m going to buy it,’ just like that.”

Ronnie, from Bergan, Norway is now deemed a local hero. He has been likened to those of country counterpart Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern Munich; saving the pub from destruction at the verge of death.

Ronnie, 39, self-funded the finance to buy the pub by sacrificing his family home, with the permission of his parents.

“That’s how determined he was,” Dave said.

“He’s just a really nice guy and says he’s not in it to make a fortune, just enough to pay off what he owes.

“This community needs this pub, you can’t take everything away from it.

“If the developer had got his way, it would have been another pub gone. We were told we would never beat a millionaire but you’re talking to Salford boys here.”

Before the deal was finalised, it was agreed by both parties to completely refurbish the pub. As a result, there are now six fresh B&B rooms.

Image Credit: Abigail Greatrex

The downstairs has been completely renovated and a new menu is available, overseen by Fran personally.

“We beat them,” said Dave.

“And now it will stay a pub as long as I’m alive. It will always be The ‘B’ Hive, the heart of the community.”

The ‘B’ Hive pub is located on Holland Street, off Langley Road South, M6 6FE.

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