Tez (left) with one of his students (right) Copyright: Tez Skachill

“We felt like we didn’t have a voice” – Salford Guitar Lessons share their experience

Many private tuition services have been unheard of throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and Tez Skachill, founder of Salford Guitar Lessons […]

Hair Salons in the Salford area can reopen when the current lockdown comes to an end. Credit: Heather Smith

“It does affect people’s mental health and wellbeing if they can’t have their hair done” – Salford’s hair salons to reopen just in time for Christmas

The government has announced that hair salons and other close-contact services can reopen once again on December 3, regardless of […]

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Art for the environment: Worsley mixed-media artist on how she’s playing her part

Climate change has become a major issue for many artists, and reducing their carbon footprint is on the agenda. Worsley […]

Copyright: Velvet Shakes. Permission given

INTERVIEW: Louie Donnelly from the Velvet Shakes talks about the success of their brand new single ‘World’

On the 20th November, the Velvet Shakes announced the release of their brand new single, ‘World’ and it has already […]

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Invasion: Salford travel company going the distance for Student Minds

Team members at a Salford travel company, Invasion, are running the distance from Manchester to Amsterdam to try and raise […]

Holly Ramsay. Credit: The Neighbourhood Threat.

“I couldn’t do any markets, where I made my money” – Salford designer on how lockdown affected her business

Many small businesses in Salford that rely on markets to sell merchandise have had to adapt to the ever-changing climate […]

Martha Kelly: Lead singer of punk band, The Strangerz. Credit: Holly Pritchard.

“We formed over a Pot Noodle”: Salford students form a punk band – never mind the pandemic

First year journalism student at Salford, Martha Kelly, began a childhood dream of hers by starting up a band as lead vocals in, The Strangerz.

Richerman, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s go for a walk! Walking for mental health with Salford Ramblers

Richerman, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons Residents across Salford have been encouraged to walk independently in their bubbles […]

The House Never Wins (C) Kill the Cat and Turtle Key Arts

The House Never Wins at the Lowry: the play where your choices matter

Picture this: you and hundreds of other people are sat in a casino. There is one dealer and real money […]

Sam Davies (left) and frontman Jake Vickers (right). Image credit - Alyx Ashton

“A rite of passage for Manchester based artists” – The Zangwills’ Sam Davies explains what the closure of two iconic venues will mean for future artists.

Sam Davies (left) and frontman Jake Vickers (right), The Zangwills. Image credit – Alyx Ashton Some would argue that Salford […]