PSYCH-ROCK group Tempesst headlined their debut tour in Manchester’s Castle Hotel last night to their small yet committed audience of fans and fellow music lovers. Beth Gardiner went down to witness it.

The EP-less band played their current singles which showcased a mix between psych-pop and rock throughout their set-list, including blissful songs ‘Tidal Wave’ and the crowd’s clear favourite, ‘Sunflower Lady’.

Tempesst entered the small stage following the other bands of the night, Déjà Vega and Banfi, who set a relaxed and chilled atmosphere in preparation for the headline.

The Australian-born twins Toma and Andy Banjanin were joined by other instrumentalists on stage, making the view look slightly squished on the tiny pub stage. However, with the extra support, the band played their songs wonderfully especially on the catchy song, “Too Slow”.

Toma’s voice was smooth and note-perfect from beginning to end, despite claiming how drunk he was.

“We’re coming back in September, apart from it’s probably going to be packed in here next time- right to the front… We’ll have an EP by then and everything changes when you get an EP.” Toma, the lead singer smirked as the rest of the band and audience laughed and cheered along.

Toma’s charm kept the audience interested and laughing at every punch-line he had, the night consisted of audience shouts and jeers that the band handled great as they backfired witty jokes back. After a joke, the bands American guitarist said: “That was sarcasm by the way.” to which an audience member shouted: “Yeah we know, we’re English!” Toma’s humorous response was: “He’s American, they don’t understand.”

The night was full of blissful songs and the audience were all tapping along to every track to the Tame Impala sounding textures. The layers of sounds result in the psychedelic, sultry guitar and vocals and loud but emotive drumming. The songs were great live and I imagine even greater through headphones, Tempesst are definitely a band to look out for.

By Beth Gardiner

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