A DOORMAN at a nightclub in Oldham who was stabbed on Sunday says he fears the safety of bouncers is being put at risk.
Mohammad Dilras, 23, was attacked at around 3am on Sunday outside Liquid nightclub when a man slashed him in the neck injuring his spine.

Mr Dilras said: “The police need to work directly with the clubs. The lack of police presence and slow response times has made things a lot less safe.
“There is also a lack of decent security in clubs as often the pay is pretty bad and so teams are weakened by lack of decent door lads.
“The pay has decreased over the years and many good door lads have left, leaving teams weakened and making the hooligans braver.
[pullquote]”It’s the duty of both security contractors and clubs to put things into place to help keep doormen safe.”[/pullquote]
“Ironically they want to spend money on body worn cameras but this isn’t a preventative step, its just a step to document facts after the incident.
“Often doormen are put on the back foot, as they’re encouraged to do as little as possible. They’re often pushed to be more like customer service than doormen, but this is the wrong step.
“Doormen should be professional and polite but because of the nature of the job should maintain a professional distance from customers. Police will investigate a doorman not doing their job properly but take little interest if a doorman or member of staff is assaulted. This again puts clubs on the back foot and the hooligans in an advantageous position.”

Only a month ago, a doorman at the White Hotel club in Manchester was acid attacked in similar circumstances.
This goes alongside the continuing increase in corrosive acid attacks, having gone from 183 a year to 504 a year in just five years.
Only two weeks prior to this football fans attacked the doorman at local pub the crown and Anchor in Manchester’s northern quarter.
A teenager has now been charged in relation to the assault on Mr Dilras.
By Jamie Tichborne
 Image via Google Streetview

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