FAR from timid, the hip hop band, The Mouse Outfit put on a party at the popular intimate music venue, Band on the Wall.

The sold out show was off to a lively start, support act Metrodome got the crowd geared up for the night with groovy funk and soul tracks amongst hip hop, R&B and jungle remixes that got everyone moving. Undoubtedly, a good introduction for what was to come.

The night was truly a representation of Manchester’s thriving music scene, it was a showcase of many musical talents, from poised, fresh flows by MC’s to harmonious saxophone sounds.

Album collaborators and guest MC’s included Dr Syntax, Dubbul O and Ellis Meade as well as special performances from Berry Blacc, Kinkai and K.S.R.

The Mouse Outfit
Dubbul O, Ellis Meade and Dr Syntax performing

Their first album title ‘Escape Music’ encompasses the overall Mouse Outfit vibe, music you can dance, sing and chill out to whilst forgetting about the mundanity of life.

The nine piece band have previously gained support from the BBC and have performed twice at BBC’s legendary Maida Vale Studios in London.

One of the highlights of the night was the performance of ‘Who Gwarn Test’, Dubbul O, Ellis Meade and Dr Syntax joined in. The atmosphere was immense, watching everyone jump up and down, shout back the lyrics to the MC’s and just have a good time.

Ellis Meade, with his relaxed, Mancunian accent performed the song ‘Bring Me Down’. The lyrics ‘You can never bring me down’ talk about rising above hate and life’s struggles against a warm, jazzy, glittery beat. Meade made the performance look effortless with his suave, chilled demeanour.

The Mouse Outfit are currently in the process of creating their third studio album that will be released early next year. We were treated to some exclusive performances and snippets of the new album material – we were far from disappointed.

One confirmed collaborator for the upcoming album is IAMDDB, the badass Manchester native hip hop star that has gained support from the likes of Bryson Tiller, Jorja Smith and SZA.

‘Keep supporting Manchester music because it’s all yours.’ Dr Syntax stopped to praise musicians in Manchester for being some of the best around and just generally showed love towards the people and the city itself.

There was a real sense of Manchester spirit that radiated across the room on top of the feel-good hip hop performances throughout the night.

They will be performing for a second time at Band on the Wall tonight before continuing their autumn/winter tour down south.

The Mouse Outfit are party people, passionate about their music, Manchester roots and helping people to ‘escape’.

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