Transcend Therapies is opening in Salford this Friday, the 2nd of March. They are a mind, body, and soul healing space on Monton Road in Eccles.

Transcend is to open with an evening mixer on Friday to introduce the community to their space, and some practitioners and class instructors will be in attendance to talk about their services.

Randeep Assi, co-owner of Transcend Therapies said: “We are really passionate about doing something that would help the community, and a space where they could feel free to come and access something that’s not always available to people who need the help but can’t afford it around the Salford and Manchester area”. 

Transcend offers a unique space and a variety of healing mechanisms, such as yoga, pilates, reiki, dance, talking therapy, massages and a number of others.

“Our vision for Transcend is that there is no limit to what we would be able to offer with regards to how people wanted to self-heal,” Assi added. 

Funding by the National Lottery for Transcend’s community efforts has allowed them to be able to offer help to those who can not fully afford their services. Transcend can subsidize people who cannot afford it, and people can donate even just a pound and Transcend will pay for the remaining costs. Yet, Transcend did set their prices with affordability as a top priority.

“The mission for Transcend is literally therapy for all,” Assi said.

Mr Assi and Mr Still are aware that people in the area do not always know where to go or who to contact when it comes to energy therapy, so they want to be that hub to provide the services as well as answer any questions people may have.

Those at Transcend Therapies are open to suggestions and ideas from the public, and encourage them to share at their opening mixer as well as their full day of activities on Saturday, the 3rd of March.

As Assi said, “Come with an open mind and heart.”

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