Located in the heart of Media City, The Hip Hop Chip Shop is your standard fish and chips with a twist inspired by Hip Hop. If the initial impression that the van gives you doesn’t showcase exactly what this company does, then certainly the name will.

Upon approaching this fish and chip van the first thing you will notice is that the van is playing pop music from a plethora of well known artists.

On top of that the van itself is designed to look like a cassett tape which reinforces the look and angle they are attempting to go for.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop caters to every need in that it has options for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

The company also has a special type of batter mixture that is different to all of the other traditional batters that you get in conventional Fish and Chip shops.

This enables them to encase a variety of fillings within the batter and doesn’t require special mixtures in order to tailor to everyones needs.

The Hip Hop Chip shop crew also cater for weddings, events and gigs! They are somewhat popular in regards to catering for these events as a lot of newly-weds prefer to keep things as informal as possible on a day that is about celebration.

The Hip Hop Chip Shop has also been awarded the national fish and chip award for 2017.

Unfortunately, the Hip Hop Chip Shop is restricted to operating out of the one van in their arsenal. However, the company has plans to build a brand new shop in Manchester’s famous Northern Quarter.

The development for the site is currently underway and will feature all of the traditional dishes enjoyed by the nation only with a more Hip Hop twist.

For more information please visit their website.

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