Cheshire-born crime author Mandasue Heller is coming to Swinton library tomorrow for an event titled “In conversation with Mandasue Heller”.

The event is starting at 7pm and will continue until quarter to nine and tickets are £5 each.

Claire Gorton, who is the senior library supervisor, says the event will have a “Broadcast journalist who will lead the discussion and the conversation, he will lead the audience to ask questions” to the author.

The event itself is “Like a talk show” but audiences can also have their own books signed by the author after questions have been asked.

She used to study in Manchester and lived in Hulme crescent and later in life she began to base a lot of her books on her background and the background of Hulme. Some of her books have been based from the time period of the 80’s as a sort of social commentary and a commentary on what Hulme crescent was like at that time.

“Her books are often written in the vein of Roberta Cray and Lindala Plant that style of writing which is quite popular and a lot of our customers here borrow her books”, Claire says.

“A lot of her books have Underworld overtones to them which are very popular as well”.

Some of her most famous books include: The front, Snatched and her latest one which is known as “Save me” which Claire says will have a lot of signings tomorrow night.

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