Bonfire night is approaching with amazing events for the Salford community to attend. However, whilst the community enjoys the wonderful lit up sky, how do we keep our pets happy and safe at home?

Bonfire night takes place on November 5 and we remember Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot, a plan to blow up parliament in 1605 which failed.

Across Salford, different events are being held to celebrate the annual occasion.

All you need to do is wrap up warm, grab your favourite hot drink and plan your transport to one of the displays in your area to celebrate bonfire night with a bang.

Salford City Council’s bonfire events ensure to have food stalls, fairground rides, bonfires and fireworks that are guaranteed to light up the sky.

However, remember to keep your pets happy and safe before leaving them to enjoy Bonfire Night yourself.

Pets are our priority and their welfare is just as important as our own. If you don’t think your pets will be content at home without you, then it might be time to grab yourself a hot drink and enjoy your bonfire night watching the fireworks on the television or through your window.

At least this way you can comfort your pets through a night that they potentially hate more than any other day of the year.

Although we enjoy watching fireworks and watching the bonfire light up, our pets do not. They are usually scared on the occasion as they are sensitive to loud noises and flashes. Pets are not used to changes in their normal routine therefore they may result in running away or experiencing physical or emotional pain and distress.

A local Salford man, Kade Roberts, who is an owner of three dogs said: “I disagree with fireworks being sold in shops.

“I think they should only be sold to event organisers. My dogs cry and pace up and down when the fireworks are going off and it’s just not fair. I turn my music on to try to distract them from the outside”.

Under no circumstances should you take your dog for a walk on Bonfire Night as it will cause your dog to become unsettled. If possible, you should keep your dogs inside and walk them throughout the day time.

If you’re a cat owner, you should try your best to keep them inside when night-time arrives to keep them as settled as can be and to avoid any physical damage from fireworks.

Any outdoor pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs that live in cages and/or huts, should preferably be moved indoors whether it be to your house or a garage/shed. You should then cover their cages with breathable covers to sound proof them from any bangs from the fireworks.

No matter if you have an indoors or outdoors pet, you should assist them with extra bedding as this allows them to feel more safe and secure if they are to get scared.

There are four different Bonfire Night events happening throughout Salford to celebrate the occasion. These are…

  1. Buile Hill Park
  2. Prince’s Park
  3. Ellesmere Sports Club
  4. City Airport Fireworks Spectacular

You can find out more about these events here.

Remember remember the 5th of November, not only for you but for your pets just as much.

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