The area of Ordsall in Salford has experienced over three thousand different crimes from September last year to August 2019, but residents still claim to feel safe in the area.

Lindsey Scott, who has lived in the community for 40 years said: “I feel safe because I’ve been brought up around here.

“I’ve heard about crime but not witnessed it with my own eyes.” 

On Friday, police were called to the same street after a third reported shooting. This comes after shots were fired on Quay view and a car was punctured with multiple bullets on 3rd September. 

In comparison to Ordsall, the areas of Weaste and Seedley combined have nearly half the amount of recorded crimes in their communities.



Brenda Naylor has also lived in the area all her life said: “My children say why don’t you get a bungalow or a flat but I’m quite happy here […] I’ve always lived here even when the docks were running.” 

She added that she didn’t think the area needed a neighbourhood watch group.  

Unlike Lindsey Scott, other residents Abbie Clow and Tom Milicivic have experienced crime.  

Mr Milicivic said: “I’ve seen someone get their phone nicked a few months ago. It was a guy riding past on a bike. A woman was walking, and they got her phone out of her hands.” 

However, he continued that he felt fine living in the area. 

Ms. Clow said: “I’ve got in a taxi and had a kid slam on one of the doors when walking past.” 

She added: “I feel like they’re kids more than anything, so I don’t feel physically threatened.”  

Acts of sexual offences and violence equate to over 23% of the all recorded crimes in Ordsall, this includes Grievous Bodily Harm and common assaults. 

Last week, employees at the Ordsall lane Mcdonalds locked themselves in their staff room following a drunken youth causing distress in the restaurant. 


Residential area of Ordsall

Despite Ms. Clow and Mr. Milicivic’s experience, the pair are planning to stay living in the area.  

Ms. Clow said: “We were actually thinking about buying in this area because we think in the future it’ll be a really nice place to live. Obviously, it’s really green and there’s lots of investment around here.” 

Although crime seems to be a prevalent issue in the Ordsall community, residents are still content in living here alongside new people moving into the area. 

Photo credit: Abigail Major

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