New research being conducted at the University of Salford on how young people who spend time sitting at computers can face posture problems.

Research conducted partly by a student from the University of Salford in collaboration with Cardinus Risk Management will explore how the use of personal electronic devices by participants from the age of 7-17 years old could possibly pose a threat to posture.

“We are looking at children using modern touch screen technology to see if there’s any effects on the musculoskeletal system and posture and whether there are any risk factors to them using it.”



According to an online report set out by Cardinus, the research aims to explore how the increase in the use of electronic devices could possibly influence young bodies and the effect this may have on the future workforce when these young people enter it.

In the report, Anna Clark mentions: “We think young people are using technology for more hours a day than our workers and yet, we protect our workers, there is no such protection in place for our children.”

Stephen Smith, the Marketing Manager at Cardinus Risk Management, which enables clients to lessen risk in the workplace, says: “Times have changed, and children are exposed to technology at a younger age than they used to”.

He mentions that they are going to use this research to “develop tools for the future for a young workforce who already have these issues [with posture]”. This research is a “robust study to look into the issue of posture, and how serious it is”.

The results of the research will be determined in approximately two years.


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