The Salford Sup returned to the Kings Arms for a festive celebration last night.

The Sup was giving away £500 to whichever Salford social enterprise had the best idea.

Usually, the Sup offers £200 but with Christmas around the corner, the organisers raised the winnings to £500.

Lesmond Taylor, a development worker for Salford CVS said: “For some people, it’s testing their idea and getting some feedback but also it’s an opportunity to network with other organisations […] and share their experiences and understanding of what’s going on out there but also the challenges that each other are facing as well as the successes.”

The Business Group, alongside the Salford CVS get involved with the University of Salford to encourage entrepreneurs that are just ‘starting out’ to come along to the Salford Sup.

Mr. Taylor added: “The university get involved by the way of having a number of students who are looking to become entrepreneurs in this area.”

He added: “Obviously, Salford CVS work with people in the community who are setting up social businesses and enterprises so we encourage them to come along to see what’s going on.”

Adam Preston, a hopeful for winning the £500 for his enterprise ‘That Toy Thing’ said: “The £500 will be going straight onto the project. We’re still in the early stages of planning so we’re making sure we’ve got some storage room, we’re going to be putting out some advertisements to get in some donations.”

“Whilst money is always useful, the long-term benefits are based from the networking and connections you get.”

As well as the event offering £500 to the winner, it is also an opportunity to network.

Martyn Wilcock, lecturer at the University and centre for social businesses said: “Whilst money is always useful, the long-term benefits are based from the networking and connections you get.”

The Sup was inspired by Detroit SOUP, which also looks to promote community-based projects in the states.

Like SOUP, attendees are given food, drink and a voting slip after contributing £10. At the end of the night, everyone votes for the enterprise they believe deserves the funding.

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Featured Image credit: David Dixon

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