For its second year in a row, Almost Famous Theatre Company is reversing gender roles in their latest rendition of Miscast.

Statistics show that only 39% of theatre performers are women, Miscast aims to challenge these gender stereotypes within theatre. Source: Purple Seven

Expect Jersey Boys, Book of Mormon and The Little Mermaid, but not as you know it.

Miscast. Image Credit: Thomas Bowen

Theatre Secretary, Eva Bamber, said: “It’s being able to do something that you normally can’t do.

“I think in a way it’s really important because it shows that so many roles, even though they’re deemed gender specific – they’re not”.

Performer Liam Dodd said: “I think theatre is very noninclusive at times, however with Miscast its time for everyone to be able to do what they’d like.

“For me being a a bit of a bigger lad, I wouldn’t be able to audition for a typical skinny role because I know I wouldn’t get it.

“Whereas Miscast I can pretty much do what I’d like.”

Miscast. Image Credit: Thomas Bowen

To those who are reluctant to get on board with breaking gender stereotypes in theater, Performer Dean Garrod said: “Its about time you keep up with the times, that is such a prehistoric, archaic way of thinking and if you want to make it in the world that were in right now – broaden your horizons, don’t just be stuck in one lane”.

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Image credit: Thomas Bowen

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