Salfords venue the Eagle Inn, are always ready to host fun shows from a range of different artists. Derbyshire band, Patawawa, are on their way.
Derbyshire band, Patawawa, are an electro indie funk band, who are coming to Salford to put on a show for their Northern fans.
The band features Sam Wilmot, Rory Lovatt and Beth Garrett.
The band claim in their description they “blends beats to pump blood, glittered guitar riffs and basslines that bite. The three-piece have crafted a sound that stays true to the neon roots of funk and disco, but dress it with a cheekyness that could only have come out of Derbyshire”. 
The event is being held on Thursday (12th December, 2019) at 7:30 PM. Tickets are £7. You can find out more here –

The Eagle Inn has been around since 1848, known as a relaxed and traditional local pub.

It contains a raised stage and balcony and has a capacity of 80 people. This was added on in 2014 as an empty terraced house next door the pub was converted into the stage area.

The website states: “Thanks to this rare combination of space, attitude and approach, The Eagle Inn is able to accommodate a full calendar of live music, spoken word, comedy, theatre, film screenings, exhibitions and much more on almost every night of the week”.

You can listen to their most recent release, That Guy, here.

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Eagle Inn, Salford by Adam Bruderer used under CC 2.0. No modifications made

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