The Eagle Inn, Salford, presents post-punk band Blue Orchids next week.

The Eagle Inn is known as a friendly and relaxed venue in Salford. The traditional pub dates back to 1848 however it is more than just your local bar.

In 2014, an empty terraced house stood next to the venue, which was renovated into a 80 person capacity stage area, including a balcony.

The Blue Orchids were formed in Manchester in 1979.

The band is a four-piece, including Martin Bramah, ex member of The Fall. The three other members are John Paul Moran, Vince Hunt and Howard Jones.

They produce post-punk music with a psychedelic twist.

Supporting the band are The Sandells.

Formed in 2006, the Salford/Manchester based band create music that fits into the punk scene.

The group are made from three members. Tim Lyons, who plays bass guitar, trumpet and vocals. Brian Benson, who is on drums, percussion and vocals and Johann Kloos who plays guitar and keyboard.

The gig is taking place on Friday 20th December 2019, at 7:30 PM.

It cost £10, however it is a 18+ only gig.

Click here for tickets to the show.

Blue Orchids Facebook

The Sandells Facebook

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