The Salford Rum Company has launched the UK’s first ever rum dispensary to help reduce waste.

Forget throwing out your empty bottles you can now refill them with spirits from The Salford Rum Company.

The rum dispensary will allow people to refill empty bottles rather than buying new bottles.

Found at Village Greens, the dispensary is the first of its kind in the UK.

Village Greens is a co-operative that offers a variety of organic and eco-friendly products.

This was a conscious decision made by the company to help reduce their carbon emissions through transporting their goods.

James Harrison, 32, co-founder of The Salford Rum Company spoke to us last year about aspirations to make the local distillery eco-friendlier.

Mr. Harrison said: “We’re looking at options going forward to get the rum into an eco-store where people can keep the bottle go back to the eco-store and refill products from a jerry can.

“Which reduces wastage but also the impact on environment we have through transporting goods through delivery and packing materials.”

The local distillers changed their bottle production late last year to help reduce plastic waste.

The company seems eager to continue to contribute positively to the environment with more dispensaries popping up across Greater Manchester.

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