Salford Quays Litter

An island of litter which has built up in Salford Quays still remains uncleared after building up over a week ago.

The island has built up in the North Bay river outside The Alchemist, MediaCityUK, which is currently causing an eyesore.

The litter has reportedly built up after Storm Ciara last week, and has clogged up in a large pile which has yet to be fully cleaned up by Salford City Council.

Various items of litter have built up such as plastic bottles, twigs, footballs and buckets.

Salford City Council had tweeted last Monday that the Quays litter cleaning boat had a ‘busy week ahead’ for removing the waste but the problem still remains unresolved.

Though the boat has been sighted today in an attempt to clean up the mess, a large amount of rubbish still remains.

Jonathan Primm, General Manager of The Alchemist, said: “It doesn’t look appealing,

“People have commented on the litter of course, it’s noticeable, but I’m respectful of the fact that it’s quite a hefty job really,

“Obviously I’d like it done faster, but I know the realities of the time it takes.”

If you would like to contact Salford City Council about the Salford Quays litter, find out more on how to contact them here.

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